March 5, 2024
The "Fierce Berserk" formula has been subtly modified to make..
The "Fierce Berserk" formula has been subtly modified to make the damage more dependent on the attack and melee skill, rather than just on the character's level.
A new item, Cat's Paw, has been introduced to Samir's trading offer, available for 2000 gold.
March 4, 2024
A new hunting ground has been added in Kharos, known as Toxic..
A new hunting ground has been added in Kharos, known as Toxic Cave Spiders. Additionally, a new quest has been introduced, available at Kharos Quest.
March 4, 2024
An additional depot was added in Port Hope at level -1.
March 3, 2024
The time for the teleport closure, and consequently - the resp..
The time for the teleport closure, and consequently - the respawn time of the boss in the warzones, has been extended by 45 seconds.
March 3, 2024
The task "Venomous Red Spiders" was moved down one category, r..
The task "Venomous Red Spiders" was moved down one category, resulting in an increased reward of additional experience (exp) and gold.
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Ksiadz Jakub Overview
General Information
Name: Ksiadz Jakub
Sex: Male
Vocation: Elder Druid
Level: 516
Residence: Edron
House: Freedom Street 2 (Liberty Bay) is paid until 29 March 2024
World: Arcanum
Last Login: Mar 02 2024, 21:55:27 UTC
Creation Date: Jul 22 2023, 20:47:26 UTC
Account Status: Premium Account
Experience History
05/03 10:00 - NOW This player has not gained any experience this day.
04/03 10:00 - 05/03 10:00 This player has not gained any experience this day.
03/03 10:00 - 04/03 10:00 This player has not gained any experience this day.
02/03 10:00 - 03/03 10:00 This player has not gained any experience this day.
01/03 10:00 - 02/03 10:00 This player has not gained any experience this day.
29/02 10:00 - 01/03 10:00 This player has not gained any experience this day.
28/02 10:00 - 29/02 10:00 This player has not gained any experience this day.
27/02 10:00 - 28/02 10:00 This player has not gained any experience this day.
Feb 8 2024, 10:43:27 UTC On level 517 by a Shock Head and a Frazzlemaw. 22,802,523
Feb 1 2024, 19:56:31 UTC On level 514 by Gholicus and Bobek Legend. 22,429,024
Jan 1 2024, 14:54:52 UTC On level 456 by a Frostgaze Beholder 15,625,816
Jan 1 2024, 14:35:41 UTC On level 457 by a Hellfire Fighter and a Hand Of Cursed Fate. 15,783,581
Dec 23 2023, 21:40:12 UTC On level 436 by a Sight Of Surrender and a Lizard Spellweaver. 13,714,183
Dec 21 2023, 18:32:18 UTC On level 432 by a Swampling 13,259,631
Dec 18 2023, 18:23:57 UTC On level 423 by a Dreadscale Hydra 12,523,924
Dec 9 2023, 16:31:27 UTC On level 393 by a Ancient Scarab and a Giant Spider. 9,976,123
Dec 9 2023, 1:59:56 UTC On level 392 by a Dragon Wrath and a Dark Fury. 9,949,152
Nov 22 2023, 19:10:29 UTC On level 336 by a Hellhound and a Dreadscale Hydra. 6,224,895
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Jan 29 2024, 15:22:34 UTC Messujemy at level 226. (Unjustified)
Jan 21 2024, 13:54:04 UTC Dantalion at level 176. (Justified)
Dec 07 2023, 12:51:42 UTC Wurszt at level 115. (Justified)
Dec 03 2023, 22:53:15 UTC Sun Baby at level 120. (Unjustified)
Dec 03 2023, 22:53:12 UTC Chino at level 215. (Unjustified)
Dec 03 2023, 20:04:55 UTC Pizama Najt at level 364. (Justified)
Dec 01 2023, 22:03:09 UTC Firma Przeciwko Kurestwu at level 191. (Unjustified)
Nov 28 2023, 20:23:18 UTC The Pain at level 326. (Justified)
Nov 26 2023, 21:06:22 UTC Norbi Royal at level 403. (Justified)
Nov 13 2023, 13:56:30 UTC Rubaszny Rabarbar at level 213. (Justified)
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Name World Status
1. Ksiadz Czosno Etheria Offline View
2. Dsghtrjftg Etheria Offline View
50 out of 136, 36.76%
Dreamer's Challenge Rank: None Postman Rank: Arch Postman
Access Quests
Anvers Island Quest Finished Barbarian Test Quest Finished
Fermur Crypt Quest Fermur Island Quest Finished
Forbidden Islands Quest Finished Gnomulus Research Quest Finished
Ice Islands Quest Laguna Islands Quest Finished
Meriana Island Quest Finished The Ape City Quest
The Castle Quest Finished Warzone Access Quest Finished
Normal Quests
Alawar's Vault Quest Amazon Camp Quest
Ancient Sarcophagus Quest Finished Annihilator Quest Finished
Arito's Task Quest Barbarian Axe Quest Finished
Battle Axe Quest Behemoth Quest Finished
Berserker Treasure Quest Finished Black Knight Quest Finished
Blessed Ankh Quest Blessed Wooden Stake Quest
Blood Herb Quest Blue Djinn Quest
Bright Sword Quest Castle Dungeon Quest Finished
Castle Tower Quest Finished Castle Warehouse Quest Finished
Circle Room Quest Crusader Helmet Quest
Dark Armor Quest Finished Dark Helmet Quest
Dead Archer Quest Deeper Fibula Quest
Demon Helmet Quest Finished Demona Quest
Depths of Anvers Quest Finished Desert Dungeon Quest Finished
Devil Helmet Quest Divine Artifact Quest Finished
Double Hero Quest Double SD Quest
Draconia Quest Dreamer's Challenge Quest
DTD Quest Edron Goblin Quest
Eleonore's Missing Ring Quest Finished Elephant Tusk Quest
Elevator Quest Elvenbane Quest
Elvers Tower Quest Finished Emperor's Cookies Quest
Explorer Brooch Quest Explorer Society Quest
Family Brooch Quest Finished Fanfare Quest
Fenrock Mines Quest Fermur Hell Quest Finished
Fermur Ship Quest Finished Fire Axe Quest Finished
Frozemoth Quest Geomancer Quest
Ghoul Room Quest Giant Smithhammer Quest
Goblins' Treasure Quest Golden Treasure Quest Finished
Green Djinn Quest Helmet of the Ancients Quest
Hydra Egg Quest Ice Dragon Quest Finished
Ice Mammoth Quest Finished Ice Tower Quest Finished
Into The Bone Pit Quest Inukaya Quest
Iron Hammer Quest Iron Helmet Quest
Kissing a Pig Quest Koshei the Deathless Quest
Life Ring Quest Longsword Quest
Mad Mage Room Quest Finished Mintwallin Cyclops Quest
Naginata Quest Nargor Island Quest Finished
Necromancer Quest Finished Old Mintwallin Quest Finished
Orc Fortress Quest Finished Orc Shaman Quest
Ornamented Shield Quest Outcast Quest Finished
Panpipe Quest Paradox Tower Quest
Parchment Room Quest Finished Pits of Inferno Quest Finished
Plate Armor Quest Poison Daggers Quest Finished
Postman Quest Finished Power Bolts Quest
Sam's Old Backpack Quest Scale Armor Quest
Shadowthorn Quest Shaman Treasure Quest
Silver Brooch Quest Six Rubies Quest
Skeleton Decoration Quest Spike Sword Quest
Stealth Ring Quest Steel Helmet Quest
Sweaty Cyclops Quest Thais Lighthouse Quest Finished
The Banshee Quest The Dreadscale Quest
The Exterminator Quest The Fury Quest Finished
The Hunt for the Sea Serpent Quest The Ice Creatures Quest Finished
The Inquisition Quest Finished The Lizard Quest Finished
The Pirate Spirit Quest The Travelling Trader Quest
The Ultimate Booze Quest Throwing Star Quest
To Outfox a Fox Quest Triangle Tower Quest
Triple UH Rune Quest Troll Cave Quest
Undead Dragons Quest Finished Vampire Shield Quest
Voodoodoll Quest Warlock's Chambers Quest
Waterfall Quest What a foolish Quest
White Pearl Quest Yielothax Nest Quest Finished
28 out of 118, 23.73%
12/01/2024 11:38
11/01/2024 11:59
Honorary Barbarian
11/01/2024 11:59
11/01/2024 11:59
11/01/2024 11:59
Warlord of Svargrond
11/01/2024 11:59
High Inquisitor
11/01/2024 11:59
11/01/2024 11:59
12/01/2024 11:38
Master of the Nexus
11/01/2024 11:59
Master Adventurer
11/01/2024 11:59
Potion Addict
26/12/2023 05:14
Natural Born Cowboy
27/12/2023 03:56
11/01/2024 11:59
11/01/2024 11:59
Ashes to Dust
24/01/2024 20:19
Happy Farmer
25/12/2023 13:12
Hidden Powers
24/12/2023 14:03
Safely Stored Away
01/01/2024 04:02
Seasoned Adventurer
18/12/2023 15:31
Ship's Kobold
26/01/2024 14:42
31/12/2023 18:05
Nomad Soul
21/12/2023 20:39
Number of the Beast
18/12/2023 17:54
Prison Break
18/12/2023 14:41
Death in the Depths
18/12/2023 19:28
Dungeon Cleaner
18/12/2023 21:12
Of Wolves and Bears
31/12/2023 23:39
Points: 89/397
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