June 8, 2024
Added five new achievements related to tasks: Undead Conqueror..
Added five new achievements related to tasks: Undead Conqueror, Reptile Wrath, Lizard Bane, Infernal Nemesis, and Prospector’s Doom. For more information, visit: Realera Achievements.
June 6, 2024
From now on, the teleports to the boss room in Warzones 1-3+ w..
From now on, the teleports to the boss room in Warzones 1-3+ will only open after all the monsters near the teleporter have been eliminated.
May 21, 2024
A new quest has been introduced, where the main rewards are th..
A new quest has been introduced, where the main rewards are three rings for each profession. More information on our Wiki:
May 10, 2024
A new crystal has been added, named the Yellow Crystal of Spee..
A new crystal has been added, named the Yellow Crystal of Speed, which enhances speed. More information can be found here:
May 8, 2024
Four new items have been added for level 400 sets: the Frostwi..
Four new items have been added for level 400 sets: the Frostwind Backpack, Eclipse Backpack, Sunward Backpack, and Blaze Backpack. For more information, visit
Two new tasks have been introduced by Grizzly Adams for players level 400 and above: the Hellflayers, which reward the Eclipse Amulet, and the Prospectors task, which reward the Sunward Amulet.
All level 400 sets have been enhanced to include HP and Mana regeneration. For more details, click here
Download Client - January 2024
In order to play on Realera, we REQUIRE to use our client to directly connect to the server.
Privacy Policy

Realera Online, respects the privacy rights of all users and is aware of the importance of protecting stored personal data. We use cookies, like most other websites, to make your experience using our website as pleasant as possible, providing security and comfort when using our services. This privacy policy explains in detail which information is collected and for which purposes it can be processed and used. By using our website, you consent to the collection and use of your data in accordance with this privacy policy and If you are a minor, ask someone responsible for you to read this privacy policy before using our website and services.


Websites use "Cookies" primarily to identify and store information about visitors.
We use "Cookies", which are text files placed on your computer to help us analyze how users use our websites and services, to recognize you and/or your device(s), improve marketing, data analytics and website functionality.

Personal data we collect

Most of the data we collect is explicitly, that is, filled in by the user through some type of form, such as, for example, on the account creation pages, payment methods or any other page that the Staff deems. necessary to carry out the data collection or required by the Staff by email or ticket in order to identify the user or as proof of payment made.

Data Collected Description
General Registration Data Account Number, email and password that the user must create to play the game.
Personal Information Photos of personal documents, address (zip code, street, neighborhood, city, state, country) and telephone number.

Some data is obtained implicitly, and it is necessary to identify the user, apply punishments within the game, generate logs of bugs and errors that occurred in the game and even data collected to be used in marketing by our Marketing Team.

Data Collected Description
Network Data Internet Protocol (IP) and geographic location data obtained through the IP.
Device Data General information of the device used by the user (operating system, hardware, machine ID and UUID, among other information that may be useful to identify the user or help in the generation of logs of errors that occur within systems).
Marketing Data Information on the pages accessed and the buttons clicked on our website is collected through Pixel Facebook and Google Analytics.
Others Data Session cookies and identification cookies.


How we use personal data

General registration data: is linked to the user's account when they are created and stored in our database. We use them in the individual identification of each user and in the linking of other personal information, in this way, the linked email can be used to contact, send news or information about the game and used in payment processes during the execution of a donation or purchase made by the user on our website.

Personal data: is used during any donation or purchase made on our website and can be requested by email and/or ticket in order to prove ownership of the account or as proof of payments made and can be stored in our bank of data to make the next donation/purchase in a more comfortable and pleasant way by automatically completing the form fields on our payment page.

Network data: is stored in our database and is used in order to identify and obtain the geographical locationof the user and can be used to punish the user, for example, in the suspension of his account through the protocol of Internet (IP)..

Device data: is stored in our database and is used to generate records of errors and failures caused within the game (hardware information, id, user, universal unique identifier (UUID), operating system, among other information that the Staff considered relevant to solve this type of problem). This data can also be used in the application of user sanctions, in marketing tools on our website, for example, to determine the number of users who access the website using windows, linux, among other devices and can be used to make the user experience more pleasant when using our site, for example by determining what type of download will be made based on the user's operating system.

Marketing data: is information collected through events that are triggered when the user performs a certain action (clicking a button, link, etc.) or visits a certain page of our website or even information collected by cookies. This data is collected automatically by marketing tools: Pixel Facebook and Google Analytics. These tools provide information on the number of users who accessed a certain page, clicked on a certain button, used a certain operating system, among other information that may be useful for the Marketing Staff to analyze and use this information in marketing campaigns. Marketing and improvements to the game, website and services provided by the Relera Online Staff.

Other data: such as session cookies, are used on our website when accessing the account on the website and in cases where it is necessary to keep some data saved for a certain time, until the browser is closed or even for an indefinite period, such as, in case of acceptance of this privacy policy. Identification cookies, as the name implies, are used to identify users individually for security reasons or simply for access control.

About Data Sharing

The collected data is shared only between our systems (different domains and servers), the payment information is shared with the banks used in our payment methods, the network (IP) data can be used on other websites for the purpose of track the geographic location of the User and cookies, as well as tracking information (network data, pages visited, buttons pressed, among others) with the websites that we use marketing tools (Google and Facebook).

Contact us: We provide the email [email protected] in case you wish to make any kind of request regarding your data or need to contact our support staff.