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Over the weekend (24.09.2022 10:00 - 26.09.2022 10:00) the loot rate is increased to 3.5x!
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2022-08-28 10:39:45
We would like to present today's update which are:
  • Added color change in guild channel to green while gaining enemies kills
  • Protection of angel boots was increased by 2% and skill dist and armor by 1 level
  • Exura gran can now also be used by rookslayers
  • Added new types of helmet of the ancient depending on which item you use on it: Fire (small ruby) - (Arm:11, protection physical +4%, fire +6%).
    Energy (small amethyst) - (Arm:11, protection physical +4%, energy +6%).
    Ice (small sapphire) - (Arm:11, protection physical +4%, ice +6%).
    Poison (small emerald) - (Arm:11, protection physical +4%, poison +6%).
2022-08-24 13:07:20
We would like to introduce today's news which are:
  • New Tab in Skills module, now we can find information about the resistances on character
  • Spell cooldowns are now displayed in left corner of screen (you can disable it in Options -> Game -> Display spell cooldowns)
  • Added bat decoration, skeleton decoration, firlefanz and several others to market decorations
  • Added a new raid system
2022-08-21 10:12:54
Starting off, we would like to thank you all for the amazing support and the suggestions that we get from you on daily basis. We really appreciate a lot that you are participating in our tibia 8.0 project. It has been quite a long way already from the day the server has started (22.07.2022) - almost a month.

We would like to inform you that with today's server save:
  • Few fixes to Boosted Creature so monsters will not repeat (7 days delay)
  • Added information about owned House in Character Search
  • Added latest cams in client character list
  • Added command !cast description {desc} to casts, it will display every connect to cast
  • Skills window expanded by information about bonuses from items (it is highlighted in green if you have any bonus)
  • Fixed few map bugs
If you think we have stopped working on improvements, we are just working on Wikipedia which will describe all the systems like Quick Looting, Tasks, new quests and spawns. Creating such list takes a long time, so please be patient.
2022-08-18 09:10:14
Today's server save brings more fixes and updates which are:
  • Added something for Rookslayers - The Cyclopolis and quest from level 90
  • Fixed bug with corpse ice dragoon
  • Angel Spellbook removed from Ice Dragoon
  • Trade window bug corrected
  • Two new shaders - Three Line and Stars
  • Fixed bug on Pirate Spirit Quest - carriage sometimes did not worked
2022-08-14 10:10:35
We would like to introduce today's news which are:
  • Added Ice Siege on Anvers for levels 70+
  • Fixed bug with female corpse e.g. Witch or Amazon
  • Changed that you cannot enter to Archangel Boss after you kill him (not after enter)
  • Fixed Drowning condition, it should remove correctly now
  • Few optimizations in client, should be more smooth now
  • New analysers in Analytics Selector, Loot Analyser and Supply Analyser, some bugs may appear, so please report them on discord