June 8, 2024
Added five new achievements related to tasks: Undead Conqueror..
Added five new achievements related to tasks: Undead Conqueror, Reptile Wrath, Lizard Bane, Infernal Nemesis, and Prospector’s Doom. For more information, visit: Realera Achievements.
June 6, 2024
From now on, the teleports to the boss room in Warzones 1-3+ w..
From now on, the teleports to the boss room in Warzones 1-3+ will only open after all the monsters near the teleporter have been eliminated.
May 21, 2024
A new quest has been introduced, where the main rewards are th..
A new quest has been introduced, where the main rewards are three rings for each profession. More information on our Wiki:
May 10, 2024
A new crystal has been added, named the Yellow Crystal of Spee..
A new crystal has been added, named the Yellow Crystal of Speed, which enhances speed. More information can be found here:
May 8, 2024
Four new items have been added for level 400 sets: the Frostwi..
Four new items have been added for level 400 sets: the Frostwind Backpack, Eclipse Backpack, Sunward Backpack, and Blaze Backpack. For more information, visit
Two new tasks have been introduced by Grizzly Adams for players level 400 and above: the Hellflayers, which reward the Eclipse Amulet, and the Prospectors task, which reward the Sunward Amulet.
All level 400 sets have been enhanced to include HP and Mana regeneration. For more details, click here
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2022-07-12 10:13:24
New world - Fanatic
Dear Realera Community,

It's been over 5 months since the last release of our 8.0 servers, so this time we would like to present a new world - "Fanatic".

We can already confirm that the official launch is scheduled for July 22 at 18:00, so it's just a matter of a few days. As for the exp rates, they are not yet set, they will certainly not be lower than those from Game Features, they may only increase slightly. In time we will update it, so keep an eye on it.

If you register and create an account a day (24 hours) before the launch you will get an extra 2 days Golden Account! Of course, with the time and work that we put into this project, the quality of the server is improving in every aspect from the technical side and improvements to the server, and here is a demonstration of some most important:
  • Premium Points from Spectrum world will be usable in Fantic world.
  • Shaders, to diversify the appearance of characters to choose from at the moment 6 different options.
  • Auras, in the same way to diversify the character, to choose from 3 wonderful in the store.
  • Cams long-awaited - will be made available to players on the second/third day after the launch.
  • New Highscores module in the client, so players live can check their place in the ranking.
  • Advanced Proxy System - more than 10 different locations between which the game client continuously selects those with the lowest ping and connects to them.
  • Added island on Rookgaard (no details yet so as to give a more mysterious atmosphere).
  • New map, Quests and monsters will be introduced after the start of the new world.
  • The old game client has been completely blocked. We recommend everyone to download it again to be sure its up-to-date!
Finally we wanted to answer some frequently ask questions
  • You can use Auto Looting without being golden account. However there are some limitations.
  • All deposits are now global. This means that in every city you have the same things in the DP.
  • In every city in deposits you can find Game Market, where you can buy and sell items without the need to contact other players.
  • Paladin Quiver can be obtained from NPC Legola (Carlin) or Elane (Thais) after completing Paradox Tower Quest and 200 minotaur leathers.
  • There is an icon above your inventory that indicates if you have any blessings - green means you are fully blessed.
  • There is Avalanche rune which deals ice damage. Druid will be more appreciated because of this.
  • Desert quest is soloable.
  • Spears are breakable. The chance is around 2%.
  • Teleport to trainers is in every temple.
  • You can exchange 100 gold for a platinum coin by simply right clicking on it.
  • You can buy runes at the npc but if u make them by your own they are x2.
  • If u want to discover a map in your client, there is an option. Click icon located on minimap in game.
Once again, we invite all players for unforgettable adventures in the newly created world - "Fanatic", which will take place on Friday, July 22 at 18:00!
2022-06-23 07:12:41
Client and servers have been successfully updated, thank you for your patience and wish you best game.

If for some reason your client doesnt work, we recommend you download it from our website.
2022-04-13 11:24:10
The respawn of Asuras on banuta has been increased by 2 additional floors -1 and -2, enjoy!
2022-04-07 08:49:03
New respawn!
With today's server save there is a new respawn on Anvers, there are Dark Torturers, Fury, Destroyers, have fun!

2022-04-01 08:04:09
Loot event
Loot event x3 like always activated for the weekend, happy hunting!