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In order to play on Realera, we REQUIRE to use our client to directly connect to the server.
LOOT WEEKEND! Over the weekend (06.08.2022 10:00 - 08.08.2022 10:00) the loot rate is increased to 3.5x!
New Spawns
Asura Palace
Bog Raider and Earth Elemental Edron Cave
Bog Raiders and Hydras Ankrahmun
Cormaya Dwarf Cave
Crocodiles Cave - Port Hope
Cults Spawn Edron
Darashia Dragon Lair
Dark Torturers Anvers
Deeper Banuta -5, -6, -7, -8 levels
Dragons - Liberty Bay
Drefia Wyrm Lair
Edron Hero Fortress
Edron Vampire Crypt
Forbidden Lands Behemoths Cave
Forbidden Lands Hydras Cave
Giant Spiders Forbidden Lands
Grim Reapers - Drefia
Grim Reapers Drefia
Hrodmir Quara Scout Caves - Svargrond
Hydras Goroma-Talahu
Island Castle
Liberty Bay Wyrm Cave
Medusa Tower
Mother of Scarabs Lair
Nibelor Ice Cave
Nightmares Formorgar Mines
Quara Grotto - Liberty Bay
Reckless Tomb
Sea Serpent Area
Serpents Spawns Goroma-Talahu
Tiquanda Dwarf Cave
Undead Dragons Anvers
Undead Edron
Water Elementals Cave - Folda
Wyvern Venore